Von VXB32TFAB TV Wall Mount (19″-32″) Tilt


TV Wall Mount
TV Size:19″-32″ LCD-PDP-LED
Tilt and Swivel Wall Mount
Distance to the wall:64mm
Weight Capacity:25kg
Tilt Angle:-5~15
Swivel Angle:-30~+30 degrees
Universal VESA:75 x 75x 200 x200
Black in Colour

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Von VXB32TFAB TV Wall Mount (19″-32″) Tilt

The Von VXB32TFAB TV Wall is a versatile mounting solution designed to securely hold and tilt your TV with ease. Specifically designed for TVs ranging from 19 to 32 inches in size, this wall mount offers a convenient and space-saving way to display your TV on the wall.

The key feature of this wall mount is its tilt functionality. It allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your TV up or down, providing optimal positioning and reducing glare for a comfortable viewing experience. Whether you want to mount your TV at eye level or higher up on the wall, the tilt feature allows you to find the perfect angle for your preferred viewing position.

The VXB32TFAB is built with sturdy and durable materials to ensure the safety and stability of your TV. It is designed to support TVs within the specified size range and can hold a maximum weight capacity of up to a certain weight (refer to the product specifications for the exact weight limit). This ensures that your TV is securely mounted and protected against accidental falls or damage.

Installation of the Von VXB32TFAB is straightforward and user-friendly. It comes with a comprehensive installation guide and mounting hardware, making it easy to set up and mount your TV on the wall. The mount is compatible with standard VESA patterns, which are the industry standard measurements used to ensure compatibility between TVs and wall mounts.

The VXB32TFAB offers a sleek and low-profile design, keeping your TV close to the wall for a clean and streamlined look. It also allows for easy access to ports and cables, enabling you to connect and disconnect devices without hassle.

Overall, the Von VXB32TFAB TV Mount is a reliable and functional mounting solution for TVs in the 19 to 32-inch range. With its tilt functionality, sturdy construction, and easy installation, it provides a convenient and space-saving way to mount your TV on the wall while offering flexibility in adjusting the viewing angle for optimal comfort.

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Von VXB32TFAB TV Wall Mount (19"-32") Tilt
Von VXB32TFAB TV Wall Mount (19"-32") Tilt