LG GL-G442RLCM Double Door Fridge, 327L


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  • Energy Saving Smart Inverter Compressor
  • Frost Free
  • Multi Air Flow
  • DoorCooling+™
  • Moist Balance Crisper™
  • Smart Diagnosis™

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Even Cooling in Any Where

LG DoorCooling+™ makes inside temperature more even and cool 35 quicker than conventional cooling system. Significantly reduce the temperature gap between the inner part and the door side of the compartment.

Smart Diagnosis™

You’ll have no problem in the event your fridge does. LG’s Smart Diagnosis™ lets you easily troubleshoot any issues. LG call center representatives can quickly diagnose most problems over the phone, saving you the time and expense of a service call during your busy schedule.

Moist Balance Crisper™

This is a special lattice-type box cover which maintains moisture at an optimum level. Moisture from stored food is evaporated and then condensed on the lattice, maintaining the correct balance of moisture in the box.

Energy Saving Smart Inverter Compressor

LG’s intelligent Smart Inverter Compressor is an energy expert, adjusting cooling power based on quantities of stored food and the inside and outside temperature of the refrigerator. The Smart Inverter Compressor also generates less noise, making your kitchen a quiet, relaxing place to enjoy. Backed by a 10 year warranty!

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LG GL-G442RLCM Double Door Fridge 327L
LG GL-G442RLCM Double Door Fridge, 327L