ARMCO GC-F5531FX(BR) – 3Gas,1Electric,Gas Cooker.


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Convenient and reliable, the Armco gas cooker with oven+grill unit is a trustworthy choice for almost any kitchen or outdoor setting. 

Quality Performance

The Armco 3 Gas & 1 Electric Burner Oven combines the versatility and cook quality of a patio grill with portability of a traditional camp stove. This stove is equipped with 1 solid plate and 3 gas burners, with independently adjustable flame levels that let you boil water on high while you simmer chilli on low.


Easy Fix

The rapid electric hot plates make cooking faster and easier and provide you with a heating alternative in case the gas runs out. The rapid heating and cooling mechanism makes this cooker energy efficient.‎ The electric oven and grill broaden your recipe spectrum and let you enjoy your cooking or baking.



You can easily cook even large chunk of meat with rotisserie. Be a professional chef for your family with this accessory. Ensure your meat is evenly cooked with Armco’s oven and grill.


Dual Heating

Use baking and grill burner together. With Dual Heating for oven and grill, the Armco cooker ensures even, all round heating of your food. The temperature and direction setting knob aid to determine the amount and angle of heat, giving you ultimate control over how you prepare your meal.


Product Dimensions

W:D:H: 515x610x883mm


Key Features

  • 3 Gas, 1 Electric
  • EURO Burner
  • RAPID Hotplate
  • Rotisserie
  • 1 Year Warranty


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    ARMCO GC-F5531FX(BR) - 3Gas,1Electric,Gas Cooker.