ARMCO ARF-D188G(SL) – 128L Direct Cool Refrigerator with COOLPACK.


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The Armco Fridge features state of the art technologies meant to make your life convenient and easier all packed in a stylish modern design. ‎



The COOLPACK ensures your refrigerator retains its cool temperatures even in black outs or power surges. It stabilizes temperatures for UP TO 9 HRS, giving you an ultimate storage and preservation environment. Multi Air Flow ensures even cooling by dispersing Cool air effectively in multiple directions throughout the refrigerator by using the multi flow air vents thus helps in keeping the food fresh & healthy.

Toughened Wire Shelves

No matter how heavy the utensils are, the shelves are made of toughened wire. They are capable of holding heavy food items. They can also be adjusted as per need and can take load as heavy as 175kg.

Anti-bacterial gasket

This easy to clean removable airtight gasket seals in the freshness and keeps out the bacteria and dust particles accumulated in the door seal. It stops mould spores from entering and spoiling the food inside, keeping it healthy and hygienic for longer periods.

Product Dimensions – 453x485x1280mm

Key Features

  • 4.5 CuFt
  • Crystal Vegetable Crisper
  • Toughened Freezer Shelves
  • 3 Year Warranty



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ARMCO ARF-D188G(SL) - 128L Direct Cool Refrigerator with COOLPACK.