ARMCO AIR-2BDS – Dry Iron with Spray.


Seller:  Armco Kenya Ltd

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The Armco Iron is simple, easy and convenient and lets you fight tough wrinkles without a hassle. The Temp Control system ensures you’re ironing at the right temperature with a simple indicator light that shuts off once the exact temperature setting has been reached. 

Criss Crossed

Armco Iron are designed with a unique shape and curved sole plate that concentrates pressure at the center of the iron, instead of at the tip, so there is less tugging, snagging and minimal wrinkling when ironing. Temperature Ready Indicator Light conveniently displays that the setting is on or off, Dial Temperature Control, 360 Degree Rotating Cord. 


Key Features

  • Dry Iron + Spray
  • 1000W
  • Teflon Sole plate
  • Temp Control
  • 1 Year Warranty


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ARMCO AIR-2BDS - Dry Iron with Spray.