Mika Refrigerator, 168L, Direct Cool, Double Door, Black Brush


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  • 9.5 CF Refrigerator
  • Double door
  • Glass shelves
  • Large freezer section
  • Egg & Ice tray provided
  • Large vegetable box
  • Lock & Key
  • CFC Free
  • High voltage tolerance compressor 170v-260v
  • Shiny Stainless Steel


Warranty: 1 Year On Fridge

Warranty: 2 Years On Compressor

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165 in stock

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The Mika Fridge is a compact and efficient appliance with a capacity of 168 liters. It features a stylish black brush finish, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor.

The refrigerator utilizes direct cool technology, providing efficient cooling and maintaining the desired temperature inside the appliance. It is designed to be energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity bills without compromising on performance.

The double door design of the Mika Refrigerator offers convenient organization of your food items. The refrigerator compartment typically includes adjustable shelves and door bins, allowing you to customize the interior layout according to your storage needs. You can easily organize and access your groceries, making meal preparation a breeze.

The Mika Fridge may also feature a separate freezer compartment, located at the top of the fridge. This provides ample space for storing frozen food items. Some models come with separate shelves or drawers in the freezer compartment for better organization and easy retrieval of frozen goods.

Convenience features may include interior LED lighting, illuminating the refrigerator’s interior and making it easy to find your stored items, even in low-light conditions. The fridge may also include a vegetable crisper drawer, ensuring optimal humidity levels to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp for longer.

The black brush finish of the Mika Refrigerator adds a modern and sophisticated look to your kitchen. It is built with durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance and durability.

In summary, the Mika Refrigerator with a capacity of 168 liters, direct cool technology, and a black brush finish offers a combination of functionality, efficiency, and style. With its adjustable shelves, energy-saving features, and compact design, it is a reliable choice for small to medium-sized households looking for a refrigerator that provides efficient cooling performance while enhancing the overall aesthetics of their kitchen.

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Mika Refrigerator, 168L, Direct Cool, Double Door, Black Brush
Mika Refrigerator, 168L, Direct Cool, Double Door, Black Brush
165 in stock